Full Service

Whether you want the entire research project executed by Ibt or only partial, we are at your service. Ibt is the specialist in perception-, image- and satifactionresearch. We provide sound data and will provide clear and practically implementable conclusions.

  • Telephone


    Ibt has a CATI center, staffed by a corps of well-trained interviewers and supervisors. Besides fluent in Dutch, many of our interviewers speak a second language so that a study in English, German, French, Turkish or Moroccan could be a possibility. Ibt does both "Business to Business" and "Business to Consumer" research. We offer facilities to watch and/or listen at our office or remotely.

  • Online


    These days it is almost impossible to imagine the world of market research without online research and especially in the Netherlands where more than 90% of households have internet access, it is a very quick and effective method of data collection. Besides expertise and the necessary software to conduct professional research, Ibt has extensive knowledge of the pros and cons of online research. We can advise you on the use of online research, and especially about combinations with other methods. The respondents, which we pick from our panel, receive a link by email through which the questionnaire can be filled out. Real time results are available for you as a client.

  • On location

    On location

    CLT - taste, concept and packaging testing
    Ibt conducts face to face interviews at different locations throughout the Netherlands. This is the best method when a consumer needs to experience the look, taste and feel of the (new) product. For our face to face interviews we have a consumer panel at our disposal. This panel consists of enthusiastic respondents throughout the Netherlands, who are willing to regularly participate in research. For higher penetrated target groups we use "fresh" respondents, which we recruit from bypassers.
    Point of sale/shopper
    Ibt collects observation data at locations where the actual purchases are made. This way, it is possible to, for example, measure consumer interest in certain products, or if the consumers enjoyed their shopping in a certain store.
    Once established as an agency specialized in research on exhibitions, events and stadiums, Ibt has a vast knowledge and expertise of the various aspects of this type of research. There are many types of research we provide, such as visitor research, exhibitor research, customer satisfaction and sponsor recognition.